Amps for Ohm Walsh 100S3

Will be receiving a set of Ohm Walsh 100S3 speakers. Will run short term with my old Mcintosh 5100 and SAE separates but then retire them. Looking for what I should look for to replace. Room is 14*14*9 listen to 70s rock/jazz, acoustic music, lots of female vocals espcially jazz (Krall, Holiday, Wilson, Krauss, Barber), guitar of every variety from fingerstyle to electric blues to classical. Would like suggestions for used and new. Start with integrateds but open to separates too. Cant hear much as I am in HI so I may just buy used off the net. Like tube sounds but not the hassle so tube-like SS is key. FIgure I need at least 50-75 watts...maybe more?

Congrats on the purchase! I own 100s and they should be a great choice for you, given your taste in music. I, too, enjoy guitar music of every variety, including the slack key stuff from your 'hood.

50 to 75 wpc should work well, but I wouldn't dip below that level. Higher power might not be a requirement in a room of your size (unless you like your Allison Krauss at ear-bleed levels), but OTOH, it wouldn't hurt.

I've briefly used a Pathos classic one integrated and a Bel Canto s300 in a room half again the size of yours. Both worked very nicely. In my larger room, I successfully use the Prima Luna 7 tube monos with kt 66 output tubes (good for app 60 wpc). This room is twice the size of yours, but I filter the 100s below 75hz for use with a sub, so we're a bit apples and oranges here. My guess is that the higher output PL integrated might do the trick for your full range application, too - but I'm speculating a bit. The rest of my experience has been with high output power amps so it's not really germain here.

Good Luck.

If you are looking for an integrated both Musical Fidelity and Roksan make some nice units that would work well with your Ohm's.
I have been very pleased using a a very cost effective high current used Musical Fidelity amp with both my OHMs.

I half expected to have to upgrade immediately again when I decided to give it a try but that never materialized. It has been a huge overachiever with even my larger, current hungry OHM 5s for the modest $600 used that it cost me.
I am using a DK Design Integrated and couldn't be happier with an upgraded pair of Walsh 2's to the 100.3 series drivers. Nice thing about the DK is that you can swap out the tubes to change the character of the sound as your whim dictates. So, I have been very satisfied with this combo. My two cents worth. Enjoy your new speakers!
You're in for a rare treat! I also owne a pair of 100M3. Ohm's like current. Martykl is dead on on the power requirements. For less than 1K used, I'd be looking at Classe, Bryston, Music Fidelity, in the less than 150 W/chnl range. There's plenty to choose from.

Your speakers will take as much as 100 hours to fully break in. Enjoy!