Amps For Metal Drive Tech Speakers?

Was wondering what Amps would mate well with Metal Drive Technology Speakers?

I have a few set of NEAR's which have Titanium Inverted Dome and Aluminum Alloy Domes Mid\Bass Drivers. They are modified from the original NEAR versions.

I have been looking at Plinius ,but am a little apprehensive due to the fact they might be brightly matched.

Krell are said to work well and I have heard the old versions work well with Mark Lev amps.

Amps used with Wilson's moght work.

Any thoguhts?TIA
Hi, try using tubes!! Go with any EL-34 tube integrated amp and smile. I had the Near 50ML's years ago. I which I had them now after finding out about tube int. amps.
Good luck,