Amps for MBL 111

I'm trying to figure out a good amp to run MBL 111's. I've narrowed down my choices to McIntosh, VTL, Krell (possible) or the elcheapo route Emotiva )I've picked these because of local dealers). Has anyone had any experience running any of these with MBL...or any other comments???
Also, I'm 99% sure of running 2 monoblocks. Any comments on trying to run 4 monoblocks?
Hello Jasonw01, I owned those same speakers a little over a year ago and drove them with a pair of Krell MDA 300 monoblocks, (albiet older Krells), but I couldn't believe how much punch and slam I got out of my 111e's. I think you would do well with Krell mono blocks and there are always lots and lots of Krell amps to choose from right here on A-gon. Remember, your MBL 111e's can handle ALOT of continuous power and love it when they get it. They seem to open up and come alive the more "juice" you feed them. At least that was my impression. Try to find some "newer" Krell monoblocks as I believe the older stuff may require some service and upgrades due to age. I had to pump several thousand bucks into my MDA300's after about 10 years as output devices don't last forever and Krell runs hotter than hell, (at least the older stuff did). I sold my Krells and moved to B.A.T. VK600se mono blocks about 2 years ago. I like the B.A.T. very much and find them to be smoother and less fatigueing on the upper end. (just my opinion). But I find the B.A.T. to be a strong contender with boatloads of horsepower (600 watts @ 4 ohm). Good luck to you.
Martinmobile, I just wanted to compliment you on your friendly, helpful, and informative post. I wish I saw more posts like this in all the audio forums and sites. If only more audiophiles communicated like you, this pursuit would be simpler and more fun... I don't even own MBL's but I had to say something.
I agree Foster. It is a breath of fresh air to hear the opinion of someone with actual experience with the gear in question instead of spouting off ridiculous stuff they read or heard.
I agree. Thanks Martinmobile. I'm just starting my evolution from entry level hi-fi & I'm taking all the advice & feedback I can get.
I wouldn't bother with the Emotiva amps. They are a lot of bang for the buck but your speakers are highly resolving and will likely show the amps shortcomings. MBL speakers like a lot of power. I would look for something in the 200wpc range and up. I have read they sound their best with solid state as well. The best match would be MBL amps but they are very expensive.
How about MBL amps, just a thought.
MBL amps are quite expensive & I'm thinking that I should be able to find another brand that can do the job for less money.
Hey Jasonw01

If you have MBL speaker, its best to match with MBL amps. I know everybody try to find a cheaper way, but you wouldn't buy a Lexus w/michelin tires and later on replace it with a cheaper Radial tires just to save some bucks. Its just a thought. I saw you have other questions on some other threads but for me, MBL is it. You can't go wrong with MBL. Not only it sound phenomenal, but it look OUT OF THIS WORLD! Good luck on your search and let us know what you end up with.

Happy Listening....
Thanks Ericngo1....I think what I will end up doing is finding MBL amps second hand.
If you have a modest budget the Parasound JC-1s, or even the A21 should be a good match. I have never driven MBLs but the Parasounds drive the tough Infinity ribbons without any effort.
Boulder top of the line.