Need help matching amps with MARTIN LOGAN CLS IIz . I thank im set on solidstate monos just not the brand . Maybe a big 2 channel . I don't have a massive budget probably buy from AUDIO or VIDEOGON thank any help you can give me.
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lots of opinions here
Sanders ESL amp. They have a stereo and mono version. Best amp that I have heard on my CLSIIA's. Specifically designed for electrostatic speakers. The Pass amps are wonderful also.
I'm using a pair of Pass Labs XA60.5's monos with mine and love the combo. I have a smaller room though 10' x 18'.
I have CLS IIA's. They are maybe a little harder to drive than the IIZ's. But the speakers are very similar and I assume anything that works well on my IIA's will work on IIZ's. On mine I have had the Mark Levinson No.23 SS power amp (200W/ch into 8ohms) and two different tube stereo ARC amps: the D115 (110W/ch) and currently a D250 MkII Servo (250W/ch). Of these the D250 is far and away the best. Best detail, resolution, imaging, dynamics, micro-dynamics, fluidity, smoothness, soundstage and realness. The D250 is a great amplifier. So are the speakers.

I should mention that my IIA's are subwoofed with biamped dual Kinergetics SW800's. So the main amp does not have to provide deep bass. I have run the IIA's full range with the D250 and it was wonderful but the speakers had limited dynamic range and bass. This is a speaker issue having nothing to do with the amp. The subs solve everything.
I had great success running Class DR8 in balanced mode as mono blocks.

Also the original Blue Circle BC2 amps were great.

And when I ran two pair of CLS for HT set up, and EAD powermaster 500 was more than capable.
How about a pair of Classe CAM350's 350 watt@8 mono blocks?
it depends on your preference for spl. i think one of the better amps for any speaker is the conrad johnson mv 125.

i have heard ot drive mg 3s but not martin logans. check with conrad johnson if the amp can handle a 2 ohm load. i believe at some frequency the cls line of speakers dips to 2 ohms. whatever amp you select should be able to cope with that load.