Amps for Klipschorn speakers

I am in the market for a tube power amp and pre amp to use with my 1980s Klipschorn speakers. I will be using a turntable as well as a CD player. I am a musician and have a studio that is good size where this stereo will be located. I like to sometimes play fairly loud although what I am really looking for is quality of sound on this system. For a budget maybe $3-$5000 on each piece. Used amps are fine with me. I listen to rock, blues, pop, etc. Right now, I have an old 70s Marantz 250 power amp with a Marantz 3300 pre amp hooked up to the Klips. I am a musician and not an audiophile so I know very little about good stereo equipment but I want to take a big step up in sonic quality. I appreciate the help as I am ready to acquire the amps. Thanks...
I ran Chorus, Forte, Quartets, Klipschhorns and other speakers with a McIntosh 7270 amp that sounded great and I finally sold it after 18 years when I moved to tubes. 7200, 7270, 7300 are all pretty good amps and you should be able to get one used at a good price. Johnny Winter will wake up the neighbors. Good luck.
Take a look at the Cayin/VAS line. I use there Citation I pre amp, which is a knock off of the original HK unit but updated to current parts. This unit is especially great with vinyl. I also have the VAS mono blocks, which are a knock off of the Marantz 9's. Great sound, great value. Suggest also you look into getting a Belle speaker for center fill. T he Citation was a center out that would provide a great listening experience.
I heard a pair of new K-horns driven with a Cary SLI-80 integrated running 40 watts triode. More than enough juice, BIG soundstage.
I like the Cary SLI-80 idea if you could live with an integrated. Its a bit less than your totaal budget but don't let that turn you off. Its one sweet amp. McIntosh as well if you crank rock. The MA2275 can be had used in your price range.
I also agree with the Cary if you want to go tubes.
As a former owner of several Klipsch models (K horn, LaScla and heresy) I recommend a SS amp and tube pre. Those 15 in. woofers seem to fare better in my experience with a good SS amp.
You might try the PrimaLuna integrated amps - I use one with my Cornwalls, and that is a nice combo. I would not recommend a solid state amp with Klipsch speakers. The resulting sound will be very bright. Generally, the lower powered amps will sound quite a bit better. You can drive those Klipschorns with only 1/2 a watt per channel if you really want.
Many Klipsch speaker owners seem to feel as you do in my experience. A good quality tube amp is the better choice with these speakers if the goal is superior sound quality.This is from owners who have tried both SS and tube power amplifiers.I realize there`re always exceptions.The large woofer size is`nt a problem with the proper tube amp.This is a very easy speaker load.
Atmasphere. Look it up. (no affiliation whatsoever)
I have been looking at the Atma-spheres particularly the M60 mono blocks and the MP-3 pre amp. They seem to get rave reviews but I am a little worried about the heat they might put off and just having an amp with that many tubes so I am still on the fence with that one.

Another option I am considering is an ARC VS115 with a REF-3 pre amp.

I read some threads on the Cary SLI-80 several of you suggested and that also seems like a unit I might would want. I just moved to a new house and really need to upgrade my living room as well as a master bedroom so the Cary looks like it may be a good fit there.

How can I run a center speaker with my Khorns? I have a pair of Cornwalls I could use. Would I have to buy an amp with a center out and if so do many have them?

I am still looking up all of the amps suggested. I do appreciate the help.
If you want to hear what your Klipschorn's are really capable of then put a low powered SET amp on them like a 2A3 or 45 amp and you will be amazed. There's nothing like it. You don't need to spend $3-5K on each piece, you can spend quite a lot less and still have incredible sound. With the efficiency of the K-horns, if you haven't heard SET's on them, you are in for a real treat....
As a former owner of the Khorns for some 23 years, I can say that I have listened to them with several amps. Those who say SS is not a good choice are spot on. IMO, vintage type low wattage tube amps are the way to go. A few amps I owned that sounded fabulous with these speakers were;

Baldwin -converted organ amp by Will Vincent. 25 wpc
Custom made OTL 6wpc (made in Italy by Mario Patrizio-unbelievable bass!)
Art Audio PX25 6wpc (midrange magic)

A few that I didn't care for were;

Audio Research Classic 60 (too bright and fatiguing)
Cary 808 Rocket 88 (no bass or dynamics-boring)
Cary CAD-300se (as above)

A couple that I never heard, but read from others that sound good with the Khorns;

McIntosh MC225 or MC240
Quicksilver Horn Monos

My opinions are based on listening to mostly classic rock music.

Lastly, you might want to go over to the Klipsch forums where you will read about anything you'll ever want to know.
Good information, guys. So far, all of the SS amps I have tried on the Khorns have been too bright. I brought over a friends Marantz 8b today but it only worked on one channel and one tube started glowing so I turned it off so I didn't really get to hear it. I am going to have a look at the small amps as you guys have suggested.
Markpao and Lou settriode,
Good advice!
Check out this amp over at Audio Asylum

Mark, I don't know enough to know what I am looking at. Can you tell me why I should consider this amp? Thanks...
12 wpc SET. Your Khorns should sing with it. I know you were inquiring about separates, and this is an integrated, but for the price how can you go wrong? It has 2 inputs, one for your turntable and one for your CD player. If it doesn't work out you could always get your separates and keep this as a spare in case an amp or pre amp ever goes in for repair. Or you could re sell it and probably not loose any $$.

*I have no affiliation with the seller of that amp*