Amps for KEF ref 101s

I'm putting together a guest bedroom/office system around a pair of ref 101s. I'm looking for suggestions regarding amps. I'm open to almost anything, classic tubes, ss, or hybrid. A remote for volume would be nice but not necessarily a deal breaker. I will probably eventually need a headphone amp so this is a consideration although it could wait until later. I'm flexible with the budget although I was thinking $1000 for the pre and power or for an integrated. I would like to spend even less if I could get away with it. This will be for near field listening at mostly low volume. Having said this, I might also add a sub at some point.

Here are the stats:
Frequency Range 90Hz - 30kHz +/- 2dB at 2m on ref axis (-10dB at 47Hz and 40kHz)
Directional Characteristics Within 2dB of response on reference axis up to 20,000Hz for +/-5° vertically, up to 20,000Hz for +/-20° horizontally
Maximum Output 100dB spl on programme peaks under typical listening conditions
Characteristic sensitivity level 81dB spl at 1m reference axis for pink noise input of 1W (anechoic conditions)
Distortion Second harmonic: less than 1% from 120Hz to 20kHz. Third harmonic: less than 1% from 70Hz to 20kHz. Measured at 1m on reference axis at mean spl of 90dB, anechoic conditions
Enclosure 6.7 litres
Power handling capacity See electronic overload protection
Programme rating 100W
Sensitivity Maximum continuous sinusoidal input 28V rms, 100-2,500Hz, falling to 8V rms from 4,000-20,000Hz
Electronic overload protection (S-STOP) The system is protected against any continuous or intermittent fault conditions which produce input signals not greater than 50V peak from DC to 50kHz
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Weight 5.67kg (12.5lb)
Dimensions 348 x 180 x 197mm
133/4 x 7 x 73/4
I owned them about 30 years ago,great little speaker,there is a Rogue Audio Cronus integrated listed here,I think that would be a great match.
Thanks Yogiboy. I'll give the Rogue a look.
I don't have the Kef 101s but with the other KEF speakers I have when I powered them with a Hafler DH-220 or a Hafler XL 280 the music was great and not harsh at all. Good luck.