Amps for jm lab mini-utopia - - any suggestions?

I have a jm lab mini utopia. Any suggestions on what amplifier to use as a good match? I currently own a Plinius 8200Mk II and im thinking of an upgrade. Rest of the gear is Musical Fidelity Nuvista 3D cd player, analysis plus cable oval 9, DH Labs air matrix interconnec. Music preferred is Jazz instrumental and vocals. Thanks.
These amps sing with tubes. I have a Cary integrated with upgrated tubes and it sounds fantastic. I also have a YBA Passion amp that also sounds great. The YBA products are what JM Labs used to launch their new Utopia series. If you're ok with the french either of these would be great. I drive micro utopias.
tube amp will be a good match. try EL34 amps.
YBA amps sound great with the JM Labs speakers, very smooth and tube-like in presentation and tonal balance. But what is it about the Plinius that doesn't work for you?
Consider the Mcintosh 2102. I Auditioned the JM Lab mini-Utopia with the Mcintosh 2102 Vacuum Tube Amplifier and Mcintosh C42 preamp over the weekend. The sounds is simply amazing. Imagine you match Mcintosh 2102 with another tube preamp....SWEET
Have you tried experimenting with aftermarket power cords with your Plinius and CD player? They can make a difference anywhere between subtle and surprising.

I can't offer any specific suggestions; haven't had SS amps for about 15 years.

I would start with different interconnects, your amp is probably up to the job you just need to find the right cables. This is something you definitely need to go through if you haven't already.
I second the McIntosh 2102 idea and would also like to say that I auditioned these speakers with the Revox Exception 120Wpc amp and preamp and the sound was sublime. I was very very impressed with the synergy, coherence, and utter silkiness that came from this setup. The Revox is a lot less costly than the McIntosh but it will be harder to find. Good luck! Arthur
Although they look strange, the AMPZilla 2000 monoblocs would be perfect for your Utopia's.


When I had my Mini's I had them hooked up to Tube Research Labs GT-100 Mono Blocks. It was a great combo. E-mail me if you want.
I second or third the tube idea.
Find a Music Reference RM-9 MK II or a RM-200. It will take the "mechanical" edge off the minis (no one can tell me they don't have it), and you'll love the extreme realism of the soundstage and be surprized at the bass.
Rogue M120 magnums sound very good with the minis as well.
My minis sound great with VAC triodes