Amps for Genesis 350's

I have recently purchased a pair of Genesis 350 speakers. I previously had Genesis 500's. I have a pair or Aronov mono bloc amps (4 x KT88). The Aronovs worked great, really great, with the G500's, but do not seem to have enough current and control for the G350's four foot ribbon midrange. Any suggestions as to amps to use (I am running single ended) from a First Sound Ultimate pre-amp?
Yes, you are correct about the midrange ribbon driver needing more current. I have a pair of the Gen 200's and found that using the Audio Research Ref 600's were a good match. Personally I would check out ARC amps for your speakers. I found there was very good synergy between them. Good luck.
Need Current?? Threshold S/1000 Series 2 Mono Blocks. Rated output 500 Watts 20-20,000Hz at no ore than 0.1 distortion into 8 ohms of resistive or reactive impedance. Output Transistor Complement:40 high speed 200 volt,2 amp rated devices.Output Current: 20 continous,50 peak amperes. Power Supply: 1,000 watt toroidal transformer. 120,000 micri-farads capacitance. That should do it.
I have the G200's, and I am using the Sonic Frontiers Power 3 monoblocks. They push out 220 wpc and sound real clean. I used to use a Krell KSA 300, but something seemed to be missing. I am very happy with the SF Power 3's.
I also have the Genesis 200 2s and drive them with ARC VT200 and am very happy ındeed.if VT 600's are to expencsiv for you areally good choice that i can recommend.

I have the Threshold S/1000 Series 2 Mono Blocks. They have a relatively modest power supply compared with similar designs from Levinson, Krell or Threshold. For lots of current you should definitely not shop for Threshold.