Amps for Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE

Hi, I am looking for an amp (new / used) that best for my Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE speakers. My budget is about $3,000. My pre-amp is Threshold T-2. Comments, suggestions and personal experiences are appreciated. Thanks.
You definitely want some juice, but you'll love those speakers. The Krell KAV-250a would work wonders and be a bit more than your budget at full retail, well under your budget used. I use the KAV-250a to drive the Contour 3.0's and it's a great combo.
I have my 1.3SEs connected to a Blue Circle BC26. They sound fantastic! The BC26 is more than your projected budget but I had also listened to a Sim Audio W5 connected to the speakers and that had been my choice until I heard the Blue Circle. At that price point a W5 should be considered especially if you can get one at the Canadian price. Good luck.
Thanks for Kthomas and Robj300. I will look for either KAV-250a or BC26. One more question, what about the 4B-ST? The price of 4B-ST is right. Thanks again.
If the 4B-ST is the price point you want to be at, here are three more suggestions: The Blue Circle BC-22, The McCormack DNA-125, and the Belles Hot Rod 150A.
Shiuman, I traded up from the 4B-ST to the BC26. Every choice is a matter of taste and what sounds good to you is what matters most but I found the 4B's sound to be less refined than I ideally wanted. I too was initially attracted by the price/value judgement and it is a solid amp. The "voice" of the amp just didn't completely satisfy me over time. The soundstage and/or musical nature of the sound wasn't as sophisticated and involving (IMHO) as others that (given were more expensive) I heard later. Also consider some of the Classe gear (especially used ca300 or ca400). They sound great and they often sell for around your price point on this site.
Thanks all for the suggestions. I wish I could listen all above amps one by one with my 1.3SE.... and pick the right one. Thanks again.