Amps for Dynaudio Confidence 5s?

I am putting together a 2-channel system starting w/ the Confidence 5s. Deciding which amp (and preamp) to buy. Currently looking @ Classe CA-301/CP47.5 and Bryston 7BSTs/BP-25. Comments, suggestions and personal experiences ( about the components) appreciated
Barboum, have we been here before? Krell should not be overlooked. Mine works very well with my speakers (use Dynaudio drivers), and MIT cabling....anyway, unless you only like Canadian amps.
I just bought Confidence 5's and am driving them with a Krell FPB of system is Levinson....the amp works well, drives them withough difficulty and sounds very good....I also, however, am looking for a different amp, possibly Levinson to connect to rest of system, or another I can leave on permanently...I am wondering about the new Bel Canto EVO 200.2 bridged as mono or the new Bryston 14Bst...both would provide more current for the speakers and they are somewhat inefficent...let me know what you discover..
I own a pair of Confidence 3s and have heard the Confidence 5s being driven by Krell FPB 250s and they sounded great (I love that midrange dome). They do, however, need a lot of power. They guy who owned them felt they needed more power than the 250 could dish out and was buying a pair of the big Krell FPB 650s to run them. He primarily felt that the compound loaded woofer wasn't dynamic enough being run on the 250s. I have not heard them being run on either Bryston or Classe components, but I do agree with Carl, that you should consider listening to some of the Krell amps with them. In my experience they make a good match.
I am a big Classe fan and would recommend the Classe amp (but do listen to the Krell too, they are both great, just different) but would NOT recommend the Classe preamp. Classe is much better at amps than at preamps. I use an Adcom GFP-750 and am very happy with it, but there are plenty of good pre's out there.