Amps for Dynaudio Audience 72?

I'm looking for recommendations for powering my Dynaudio Audience 72 floor-standing speakers (4 ohm). I'm open to an integrated amp or separates, but I've got a turntable so built-in phono is desirable so I don't have to buy more pieces.

Are there specific amps that are known to match well with Dynaudio?
Minimum watts?

Room size: 13 x 16 x 8 (speakers are placed along the 16' wall)
Budget: $1200 total
Music: wide range (Beethoven, Bach, Beefheart, Doc Watson, Maddy Prior, Brian Eno)
More specs on the speakers:

IEC long term power: 210W. The manufacturer recommends >25W for small room, >65 for medium, >125W for large. No dimensions given, so I don't know if I have a "small" or "medium" room.
I have the Dynaudio 70s, the previous model. I have used Denon receivers, ADCOM amps and now Outlaw amps. I have been very happy with Outlaw M200s. 200 W/ch and I listen to everything from Classical to Jazz to Folk and also use them for movies in that room. I am looking eventually to go to Aragon amps, but I am so pleased with the Outlaw that I keep hesitating. For me, amps are pretty low on the food chain of priorities. I feel the same way about my Dynaudios. Its hard to change since they do so many things so well. Good luck!
I have a friend who loves the Odyssey Stratos with his Audience 82's. I have to admit, it does sound pretty damn good.
Denon 2000IVR may fit the bill nicely.
I drive my Dyn Audience 52's with a Musical Fidelity X-150 integrated. It's great.

Even better, in another room I drive my Dynaudio Contour T2.5's with a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated. Truly awesome.

Both MF integrateds have built-in phono stages, as you seek. I have a Rega P3 hooked up to the A5 and the sound is very nice. There is no warp-filter however, in either the X-150's or A5's phono stage. Not a huge problem on clean vinyl, but thought I'd mention it.
I drive my Dynaudio Audience 82's with a Plinius 9200. It is an integrated 200 x 2 and has a terrifc phono stage that I've listened to (but not using currently). Great imaging and details. The Plinius/Dynaudio combo is excellent even though Plinius is a very underrated - would go as far as saying unknown brand in the US

Good Luck