Amps for Dynaudio ?

What would be a suitable amp for : 1. Dynaudio Confidence 3 2. Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE ?
There is a large contingent of people who feel that Krell amplification tied to Dyanaudio speakers via Transparent cables is an excellent match. Even the small Dynaudios really like power - I'd go for at least 200w/c for either of the models you mention. Depending on your budget and your willingness to accomodate one of the heavy-duty Krells, you'll probably like the effects of having it on your sound (ie. the 250w/c monoblocks as opposed to the KAV-250).

There are others who think Krell is the most over-hyped piece of crap they've ever experienced. I have the KAV-250 driving the Contour 3.0's and would love to move up to the 250Mc's driving the Confidence 3 or 5's, so I'm not one of them.

I have the Condifence 5 dirven by a BAT VK500 with BATPAK. The VK500's tuby sound warms up the analytical(EXTREMELY accurate) nature of the Dynaudios and provides all the power and control you could want.
I have a Sim W5. It is a great amp. I know that Sim Audio and Dynaudio have formed a partnership. I think the combination is worth checking out. I find that the W5 has the best qualities of the Krell amps, and in direct comparison to the KAV250, was much smoother and less fatigueing.
In Canada, Simaudio is the importer for Dynaudio speakers, and I have heard several Dynaudio models (from Audience line all the way up to the Evidence) and they all sound spectacular (especially the Simaudio W-10 monoblocks driving the Evidence). Dynaudio speakers need amps with some authority, and although the higher Krell models certainly have that, the Simaudio W-5 will get you there for less money. I recommend the W-5 for either the Confidence 3 or Contour 1.3SE. Good luck!
I tried many, including McCormack DNA-2, Krell FPB 300, and Rowland 8TiHC. I am using Pass X350 now and it's better than all three above. No, I have not tried BAT or Sim which are both very good products. Al Phillipe of Dynaudio NA thought Pass X600 brings out the best of Confidence 5, even better than Krell FPB600 which he currently owns. I do have to agree, X350 is really smooth and open without being "thin" like some solid state.
I have a second system with Contour 3.0's - I hooked them up to an Aragon 8008BB and the match is pretty nice. Tara RSC Air/1 speaker cables. I had a Sonic Frontiers 80 wpc tube amp - but the Contours both demand power and produce rewards when they get it. Lively, good tonal balance, great immediacy, rhythm, and solid bottom-end. A $3K amp with $5.5K speakers seems about the right ratio to me.
I think, as mentioned above, that the Pass Labs X600 is an out standing amp for Dynaudio speakers. I have also listened to Krell, Sim, AR, and other amps with them. I ended up buying Classe' CAM-350s to drive my C5s because they seemed the best blend of high current authority and not excessively analytical detail. ( and also because I couldn't afford the Pass)
I have a 100 watt-per-channel Krell KAV-500 (5-channel) driving two pairs of speakers: (A) Dynaudio Confidence 3 (B) Sonus Faber Extremas. The room is not too big, (13' x 18', 12' ceiling) and I don't really listen to blaring music. I think it all sounds excellent. If the room was 2 or 3 times the size and I wanted it loud, I'd want monoblocks with at least double the power.
I have been using the Bryston 7B SST2 series mono amps for the Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature speakers and they pair well for those that have heard the combination. I’ve used Simaudio Moon as well but prefer the "loudness" of Bryston amps.
It’s not the power but the quality of the power, my dynaudio s25 are driven by Accuphase  A65 . 60 glorious watts of pure class a doubling down to 1 ohm. 
I’ve hit 240 watts in my 6 meter x 10 meter room on more then one occasion. Accuphase doesn’t slide into class a/b at anytime . 
Since you provide very little data on what sound you seek, then good luck wading through everyone’s guesses. Jazz, rock, provide no music prefs.

so,, in that case, any amp at any price with power. will work. You were too lazy to even indicate budget.

want more info,,15 seconds of work and provide some.
never liked the Sim/Dyn combo myself. 
Aye aye Keith!
This combo was in a few systems at my dealer and it was always *meh*.