Amps for B&W Matrix 801 Series 2


I am trying to choose between a Krell FBD300c or two Classe M700 monoblocks for my Matiix 801's.  My musical tastes range from artists like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Fleetwood Mac, Allman Brothers to Diana Krall.  I will also be using my system for home theater.  I like tight bass but i don't want fatiguing highs.  I would appreciate your opinions.

Thanks in advance! 
I'm not sure about amps, but capacitors are so much better now. If you haven't already I'd consider upgrading the tweeter and mid range caps. Even the relatively bargain priced Mundorf MKP ( ~ $8) each would be a good way to go.

In the schematic I saw, I counted 3 important caps across the tweeter and mi, so around $24 in parts per speaker.

Also, the electrolytics in the bass are probably due for re-capping. Those are more sensitive, and you'll need to know the ESR's before replacing them.