Amps for Audio Artistry speakers

I am looking for recommendations on amps for Audio Artistry Beethoven speakers. I will probably use the LAMM ML1 on the towers, but not sure of best match for the sub. All replys appreciated.
Congrats on being a Beethoven owner! That's one of the finest speaker systems ever designed. I take it you recently acqured them?

The subs are especially fond of plenty of current capability and a high damping factor (in other words, plenty of slam). Amps that come to mind are Pass X series, Clayton, Electron Kinetics (used of course), and Boulder. I'm sure there are plenty of others. Disclaimer - I sell Clayton.

I sell a couple of brands of dipole speakers - one dynamic and one electrostatic - and I've owned dynamic dipoles for most of the past dozen years or so, including a couple of my own design. I almost bought a pair of Beethovens a few years ago.

Choice of amp to drive the subs makes more of a difference with the Beethovens than with conventional speakers because those dipole subs are so incredibly articulate, and their one minor weakness is they do tend to lack a little slam if the amp doesn't excel in that area.

The actual power requirements aren't terribly high. I was in Siegfried's home listening to his Beethovens in January, and he was using a couple of homemade 100 watt amplifiers on the subs, as I recall, and the dynamics were stunning. I'd never before heard such pitch definition at such high bass levels. So anyway I'd say err on the side of quality rather than quantity.

Best of luck to you!

The Rowland amps are magical on the Beethove speakers. That was the best sound I have ever heard at the CES period. Listen to the Rowland Concentra, 112 before you buy. Jeff
well if high damping factor is what you want. i have a crown macro on here with a damping factor of twenty thousand. it will drive anything . on subs it simply will not run out of juice. i compared it to a krell kst 100 . it blew it away. i am in the process of compareing it to a krell 200s right now. the crown has more slamm so far.good luck on your quest. i have heard great things about the audio artistrys.