Amps for 805's

Attention to all B&W 805 owners? I am going for a new overhaul. Tell me, what equipment do you use and why do you like it? What does it sound like? I am one to drool over musically and dynamics, over some cool sound. Also I know about system synergy, and am trying to figure out which pieces work best together.
I run my N805's with a Linn Klout amp and a BAT VK 30SE preamp. My CD player is a Arcam CD-23 FMJ. I have had many friendly audiophiles comment on the quality of my system. Most important, it makes me want to listen, without any fatigue. Imaging, focus, detail and midrange voice realism to die for.
I run my 805s with Sonic Frontiers Line 3 and Bryston 4bst. Front end is Muse Model 5 Transport and MSB Link III DAC. The sound is great, but I suspect that both the 805s and the Bryston are on the bright side. You may want to choose a warm/neutral amp to match with the 805s. Also, what price range are you looking at for the amp? If you can spend over $2,000, perhaps the Sim Audio Moon W5 or the BAT VK500 may be worth considering. Best of luck.
Hey Thanks . . . anyone else?
Room is about 10ft wide and 33 ft long. Speakers are placed on one side firing width wise. Roof is valted.
Any suggestions?
What's your price range? associated equipment?
Hey, sorry i am jumping in so late here!
I just got Nautilus 805s and my system uses a Linar 250 amp
Sony DVP 9000 es Sacd player with transparent interconnects
analysis plus oval 9 shotgun bi-wire and sound anchor stands
all running thru a Proceed AVP-s
a few tips for you,I use a Monster power HTS 5000 which greatly reduces the noise floor, these speakers love bi-wire
and plenty of power, i also use an M&K MX125 subwoofer that makes these speakers sound like N801s!
I have THE hugest smile when i come home! i cant stop listening ;-)
feel free to drop me a note if you have more questions.
I am not too creative, I use Naim CD 5, Flat cap power supply, 112 pre-amp and 150 power amp, and Naim strongly recommend to use their speaker cable. They sound great and the music is very natural, alot of texture, and no hassels with matching cables because the Naim engineers have them all figure out and provide them with the equipment.