Amps compared

I have been looking to get a new amp to drive my new Revel F52 speakers. I was looking at Counterpoint Sa220 or the Van Alstine Ultra Fet Valve 550 amp. Any opinions out there?? I currently have a Counterpoint Sa12 85 wpc (and just not enough power). Using the Sa3.1 pre amp by counterpoint currently. Thanks
I would say that if you like the sound that the Counterpoints provide to the Revels, I would keep that sound by adding the extra power. I have the F32's and power them with a McIntosh MC352 and have been very happy with the power reserve and the sound. But I am a Solid State guy on amps. I am sure that the Revels will sound good with any amp, I really like these speakers. I wanted the F52 but budget restrictions play a big part.
Get yourself a pair of Rogue M-150's or 180's. They sound amazing with the Revel 52s.