Amps Choice for 87DB sensitivity Bookshelf


I have a Pawel Electra MIII, 87DB sensitivity, hermetic design, OW3 tweeter & Scanspeaker Middle-bass.

Searching for an amplifer, tube or non tube, integrated or pre + stereo power.

Listen to all classics type(from symphonies to solo).

Glad to hear some recommendations here:)

BTW. Total amplifer investment within $15,000.
Try a Pass XA-30.5. It's an over achiever and bettered our X-250.5 everywhere except percussive base. We used ours until we purchased our pair of XA-200.5's.

An XA-30.5 can be purchased used inexpensively and resold for little if any loss. You can always set up the Pass XA amplifier model line and get improvements with each higher model.

For a pre-amplifier, I used an Audio Research Ref 5 SE. Pricey yes but worth it. Only sold it because we went all digital and no longer needed a pre-amp.
Thanks a lot for the recommendation, appreciate!

I've try both of Pass & ARC, they are powerful amps with high-caliber.

However, from aesthetics side, their blood is not suitable for Pawel in some way...

From my initial understanding, Pawel may need aliving flexibility, speed & transparent with high requirement on capacity of voltage swing & moderate current output. I don't know if I am right on the character, but still waiting more recommendation...