amps by Coincident Technologies

Has anyone heard or have feedback on the integrated or mono amps that Coincident Technologies just came out with? I'm looking for something to drive Avantgarde Duos with. I understand that Israel Blume is a first rate guy, but no dealer will be selling the line-factory direct to keep down the cost.
Flyboy, I can tell you that Israel is a first rate guy. Everything he builds is no-compromise quality. I have been to his place several times, as I live close by, and I was so impressed with the amps he had built for his personal reference system (4 tube amps- a pair of modded 300B's for mids/highs; and a pair of 170 watt (in triode) modded PP monoblocks for bass), I bought them!

I can almost guarantee you that his amps will be excellent, as I am sure he has paid the same attention to build quality as his speakers and cable lines (he doesn't put something out until he is convinced of this).

However, all that being said, I understand your position, as it is not the best thing when you have to committ to purchasing a piece of equipment sometimes without even hearing it first (especially with no dealers). Perhaps Israel will offer a 30-day trial or something? I don't know- but it might be worth asking. Good luck!
The are not made by Israel.They are brand named for him.I am sure they are done to his spec's and like everything else he sell's,they will be great value for $ spent.
Like Sutts mention's I sure hope a 30 day trial will be available.