Amps better than the Red Dragon M-500 monoblocks?

I have a pair of Red Dragon Audio (a direct marketer located in Utah) digital monoblocks that are quite good. However, Iam tentatively thinking of replacing them with something that sounds better, meaning more clarity, more bass, better soundstaging. I have a Bel Canto PRe-3 line stage, and Rega Apollo player. The speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagio connected with their Hologram 2 speaker cable, and the amps are connected to BC pre-amp with Nordost Red Dawn IC's

I can't afford the Bel Canto Reference mono blocks, unless I find a super deal on a used pair the REF-500 which I doubt. I am not going with tubes, or going to extended search for the upgrade McCormack REV. A version of their DNA .05, or DNA 125 and DNA-1 which are lots of money for those upgrades. They also appear ever so often, and I am not sure if they will make the improvement I am hoping for. I am looking for a smoother, less SS sound.

Lastly, the Odyssey Stratos Extreme or Khartago Extreme are a possibility. Would like to hear from members who have heard or owned the Red Dragon digital monoblocks, and can recommend a viable upgrade from them.....

BTW, tubes are out because I got a FM antennae less than a mile away facing in the direction of my apartment, and have received local FM broadcasts on a Jolida tube phono pre-amp, so I don't want to go through that again!!!
Well.... unfortunately the obvious choice is in fact the Bel Canto REF1000M mono, formerly called the REF1000 Mk.2. Not the faintest hint of stereotypical SS sound in this amp. Staging is of the size and depth of amps in the $18K range.... Bass is strong and very musical, and treble is nicely articulated, and not at all jarring. The amp does require about 800 hours for complete break in; It is as musical and involving as can be.

Note that I have not heard Red Dragon in my own system, but heard them only at shows.... Gave me the impression of some darkness, and some difficulty in controlling treble intermodulation.

My PFO review of REF1000 Mk.2 is at: