Amps/AVproc/pre forRevel Ultima Salon 2 5.1 system

Hi! I have just purchased a Revel Ultima Salon2, voice2 and Gem 2 5.1 system w/ 2 JL audio subs. The S2' and center run at 500w continuous and much higher peaks. The rears run at 250w.

Can anyone suggest a decent amp/pre/processor combo other than Levinson, Krell etc that can afford-ably handle the requirementsand quality?

I am brand new to this and don't want to be naive.
Thanks for any assistance
Your naivety is revealed by your statement that these speakers "run at" any particular power level.

What kind of power they need will depend on your room dimensions, furnishings and your preferred listening levels. I would certainly not recommend less than 200wpc for them but how much more cannot be determined without more information.

Note, too, that you do not need to use a pre/pro from the same manufacturer as the power amp(s). To choose the former, again, you need to provide more information about a sources and applications.

What is your definition of affordable? You have a $50K speaker system, if you go cheap you'll never see it's full benefits.

The Salons are notorious power pigs and I would feed them as much as is practical. 200 Watts will work, but they can easily eat up more.....
From JA's measurements,
The speaker's impedance (fig.1) drops to between 3 and 5 ohms between 17Hz and 600Hz, but as the electrical phase angle is generally low in this region, the Salon2 should not be hard for the partnering amplifier to drive.

You've put the dollars where they belong -- into the speakers. You do not have to spend an equal amount on electronics. The speakers don't care how much you spent on amps. You'll probably hear more of a difference between surround processors than amps, so I'd concentrate my research there.

Good luck in building your system.
Thank you all for helping my NAIVETY and inspiring me to become more educated.
Has anyone had experience with Wyred4Sound amps? Specifically the MC7 3x500/4x250.