Amps and preamps for Magnepan 1.6QR

I have a Yamaha RX-V2300 receiver. the output power is 110W per channel. The sales man at Maggie dealer said that i might need an AMP or Preamp to boost the maggie 1.6QR.
Could anyone help me suggest which amp and preamps would work with my receiver. Or am i actually doing fine with my receiver.
My budget is around $1500 for both amp and preamps.
i had 1.6 now have 3.6...i would use the reciever as a pre-amp...and get a seperate amp to drive the maggies....amp choices from personal experience on the 1.6's if you have a large room or the speakers are far apart...100 watts and more...they love power and get them to really sing......but if you get a naim nait intergrated like a nait -3 or nait-5..i used the 5 with them it was fine it put out about 55-57 watts into 4 ohm..and that was just fine and later get another amp...and have the 5 run the top end and the other on the bottem.....this is the safest way to go...there was a review on this combo in audio-musings...and other mags.
I use an Adcom GFA-5802 amp that has a lot of clean power. Wattage rating at 450 per channel. My Maggies sing,sing,sing. One of these can be gotten used here on the Gon for 800/850. I also use the matching GFP-750 preamp. It's a real nice piece and mates very,very well. These I've seen for 675/775. This works really well for me and my Maggies!!!! Good Luck and happy listening too !!!
You might consider a Classe CAP - 151 Integrated Amp. 150 wpc into 8 ohms and 225 wpc into 4 ohms. Used you can find one for around $1,500. The amp and pre-amp can be separated allowing you to add a more powerful power amp in the future and use just the pre-amp portion of the CAP - 151. This flexibility will allow one to follow an upgrade path without jumping into separate amp and pre-amp all at once. I use Classe separates (CA 201 & CP 47.5) with my MG 1.6 QR and am quite pleased with the results. As has been stated on Audiogon many times in the past, Maggies need lots of power and maybe more importantly lots of current to get the most out of them. I suspect the Classe CAP - 151 offers a lot more of both than your Yamaha can deliver.

Good luck.
Thank you all for the advise. I just received the speakers and still using my yamaha receiver for right now. To my surprise, my receiver seems to work pretty well. I am very happy with the speakers. I will consider to buy the amp later on.
Bryston + Maggies=audio nirvana
I used a Denon 385 80 watts per channel with the 1.6's and it was just fine. I now have a more powerful amp - an NAD C370 - and it is also a very fine amp. But I am not technically inclined.

I used a receiver as preamp with my 1.6s for a period of time. However, it is a big trade-off from utilizing a good quality preamp and power amp as 1.6s need a lot of clean, clear power to really get them to sing with full rich sound that they are capable of as they are very revealing of upstream components. I have had the opportunity to try out a number of amps and preamps with my maggies including power amps BAT 150SE, McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe, AR VT-100 Mk II, Berning, Ayre V-1X, and Pass Aleph 2, Pass Labs X-350; pre-amps AI M3A, Rogue 99 Magnum and Pass X-1. I would recommend the BAT and AR power amps if you like tubes; Pass Labs X series if you prefer solid state. The Rogue preamp was my favorite with my system. The AI M3A was nice and warm but not as detailed and clean sounding. My two cents worth.