Amps Always On - System Power Up Sequence

i've always been advised that it's important when powering up a system to 'follow the signal', that is to say, turn on the source component first, then preamp, then power amp, as this prevents pops that are potentially harmful to the speakers.

for those that leave their amps on all the time (class d seems to favor this), how does one go about safely powering up their system? is the 'follow the source' advice from an earlier time and perhaps is no longer necessary?
I believe the regular sequence is a good, safe one to follow. But if I left my poweramps on always, the sequence would depend on whether the preamp emitted any turn-on or turn-off thumps. Mine, a c-j MET1 with automatc 1-minute turn-on mute, emits no thumps, so I just turn it on when I wish to use it; my main SS poweramps are on all the time. If my preamp thumped and I wanted to leave my poweramps on always, I suppose I'd turn them OFF before I switched on the rest of the system, then back on.

So does your preamp thump?
If you are going to leave your amps on and you do not have tubes, why not just leave everything on ?
Tan43... Thats the way I do it , everything is on all the time , volume is down at night . Break down rate seems to be non existent . Been doing it this way for years .
Agree, if you are leaving the AMP on, you might just as well leave the preamp on. The ONLY reason i could see not to leave it on, is if the preamp is a tubed model. Though preamp tubes do not wear out nearly as fast as power amp tubes. i have a VAC Standard with four 12a? tubes and i just leave it on anyway. The VAC has not holes or openings and only gets a little warm, so the tubes seem to be lightly loaded.
My amp is connected to the Bryston preamp mute switch, so the amp turns off automatically if I turn on the mute. nice.