Amplifiers with Thiel Speakers

Anyone with experience using Rotel Amp 1095 + Procssor 1098 with Thiels Speakers or EAD Powermaster 5200 + Theatermaster 8800 with Thiels Speakers. Thiel speakers setup include CS2.4 (front), MCS1 (center), Powerpoint (rear) and SS1 (subwoofer). Any advice?
Levinson 331/334 at least, 333/336 the best I have heard with Thiel.
Musical Fidelity likes to use Thiel when they demo their products to people.
Theta Digital amps sound great with Thiels, and Thiel has used them at several shows.
I don't think the Rotel amp provides enough current for the Thiels 2.4 to sound their best. I am using a Levinson 27.5 with mine, and I really think I need to upgrade to a 332 or 334, at least. Thiels in general need as much power and current as you can throw at them. I have also heard Pass Labs and Theta sound good with these as well.
I have the option to purchase a Pass Lab X5 amp. What will be the best choice for HT processor to go along with X5? I heard great things about EAD. Apparently, there is not much said about EAD-Thiel combination. What is the reason?