Amplifiers that have both a main-in/home theatre bypass as well as a Speaker A+B selector

Hi all,

I’ve been doing further research on amplifiers that have both a main-in/home theatre bypass so that it can be used as a power amplifier and controlled by the AV receiver when in Home Theatre mode. But also it has an A+B selector with 8 speaker terminals so that you can play 2 speakers assigned to A or 2 speakers assigned to B or all 4 speakers at the same time. This supports multi-room or multi-zone when playing music. It seems the main-in is becoming increasingly rare in newer model amplifiers. Also, there are more amplifiers that have 8 speaker terminals but are only intended for bi-amping and all of the terminals are either on or off. I’ve left these amplifiers off of my list.

It’s quite a specific requirement so I thought I’d share my list so far. Let me know which of the below you’d recommend and if you have any others to add. I found some that were in the £7000+ range that I also left off.

  • Marantz PM8004
  • Marantz PM8005
  • Marantz PM8006
  • Yamaha A-S1000
  • Yamaha A-S1100
  • Yamaha A-S1200
  • Yamaha A-S2000
  • Yamaha A-S2100
  • Yamaha A-S2200
  • Yamaha A-S3000
  • Yamaha A-S3200
  • Luxman L-509X
  • Luxman L-507Z
  • Luxman L-590AXII
  • Luxman L-507uXII
  • Luxman L-550AXII
  • Luxman L-505uXII
  • NAD C 3050 LE
  • Onkyo A-9150
  • Accuphase E360
  • Accuphase E370

That’s all I have right now. I like the look of the NAD C 3050 LE but they are quite difficult to find and I can’t find much detail on the quality.

I hope this small list is useful for anyone that has the same requirements as I.