Amplifiers for Talon Hawk monitors

Hi All,

I've been using a Levinson 23.5 amp with my Talon Hawks and just wondered if anyone had experience of a better ss amp match. I've also used expensive Audio Research, Plinius and Conrad Johnson amps with them and did not appreciate the match.

I've heard some good things about Edge and Halcro but would really appreciate any views and information about their actual or potential performance with the Talons.

Many thanks
Imaging and depth will improve with the VAC. It's just a really excellent combination. In many respects I almost feel like the speaker and amps were made for each other. I'm currently enjoying the Musicblocs on a pair of Firebirds. As to frequency extremes--well the Hawks don't go that low anyway. 30 Hz is about their limit--so the sub amp will be handling the lower extreme. As to the high end with the super tweeters, I doubt I can hear above 20kHz any more so I doubt I can make a very good assessment.
Many thanks Rives. I'll give it a go with the Musicblocs as soon I can arrange to audition a set. Concerning the super tweeters, I also sympathise/suffer with the effects of age but still suspect you'd hear the difference in a number of areas but am certain that female vocals and general imaging will be the most notable. If you have a chance, give them a bash - and thanks again.
Thanks to all respondents, however I have now sorted my apparent problems in driving the Talons and they are singing like the proverbial lark. I managed this with a different system change that has meant that the Levinson/Hawk combination seems to have been made in heaven. I've actually posted a review of how this all came about at Thanks, again though for all of your kind assistance and suggestions.
Hi All,

I just have to let you all know of a recent discovery that has me very excited. By happy coincidence, I recently had the opportunity to try the Talons on the Escalante Hoodooh stands. This transformed by Talons into a whole new beast: better dynamics, frequency range, detail and overall realism. I am not certain why this major transformation came about with my move from the former Partington Broadside stands but, filled with sand, the Hoodoohs should be consider a must hear when it comes to the Talons.

I now play the Talons with an external cross-over in my modified Levinson 23.5 amp and have everything below 70Hz managed by the integrated Velodyne DD12 subs - run in stereo. The sound is just real music and you actually see and hear the musicians in all their splendour in your listening area. The subs need to be isolated from the floor on which the rest of your equipment stands (I used Audio Technica pneumatic footers for this) and you will be amazed at what this combination does. For Hoodooh think Voodoo - just magic.

Give it a go if you can.
Stands make a huge difference. Why that stand with that speaker--I don't know, but we did make some changes to the Hawks so that the new ones are threaded and can be bolted to the new stand. This does improve the sound, but also makes it less likely that they could get tipped over.

Glad you are enjoying it.