Amplifiers for ProAcs

I am looking for a surround sound processor/power amp. for Proac speakers - Response 1.5 main speakers, CC1 center and Tablette rears. Dealer recommended Harmon Kardon Signature Series. I have also seen used Lexicon DC-1 with ATI combinations on the net for sale. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated. System is used probably more for home theatre. Both packages come to around $3,300
Personally I am not a great fan of home theater, but have the opportunity to test a few. The best sound processors that I came across were always from Meridian. There usually are a few postings of meridian equipment on these pages. I think you will find something in your ball park. Re Harman Kardon, you can buy a less expensive Denon and end up with better sound on two channel music reproduction as well.
McCormack has some new products coming out. Based on the strength of their amps/preamps out now, I don't think you could possibly be disappointed.They sound positively harmonius with B&Ws--the Proacs (also brit design) have similar strengths and would likely be a good match. Also, if you're interested in lexicon, by all means check out Bryston's 5BST or 9BST--great HT amps (20 yr warranty!!). good luck.
I am also looking into amplifying a Proac Home theater system. At the moment I am looking into some used Classe 10's to run mono for front,and center(Response 1sc and CC) and then run the rears off of my denon reciever. I'm not big into video but don't want to use seperate systems. My other choice might be to run VTL's. Their pre-amp has a "video" thru-put which allows you to run an external processor. Many people claim that tubes are the only way to power Proac's, I can't say for sure. I would like to know what you find
I'd second the suggestion of McCormack amps for Proacs. I've used a DNA 0.5 Deluxe with both the Response 2s and Studio 150 and both combinations sounded spectacular.
proac recommends audio research ls-16 or ls-25 (w/a-r 100.2 amps). as both of these preamps allow a default pass-thru setting for a h-t processor to control all the speakers, i'd definitely do that...