Amplifiers for B&W 803D/802D

I'm new to high end home audio (have extensive high end Pioneer ODR system in the car) and am looking for amps to pair with either B&W 803D or 802D. My local B&W dealer only sells Rotel and Classe and hasn't been able to set both amps up together so I can listen/switch between the two. Is there a significant difference in sound between these amps with these speakers and is it worth the expense? Are the Classe amps reliable long term? Has anyone heard B&W with Mcintosh amps? I listened to Mcintosh with Infinity speakers that sounded great but can't find a way to demo Mcintosh with B&W. Thanks a lot.

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I upgraded from the 803 to 802 Nautilus (not the Diamond Series). At that point, the 802 had a much bigger sound stage. I now drive them with the 350 watt MF TriVista Integrated, which is a great match -- head turning. If you are going to buy the Diamonds, you should invest in something better and more powerful than the Rotel. The Classe sound very good, but not head turning IMO. Because of the B&W somewhat bright sound, the MacIntosh might be a great fit, as long as you have at least 300 watts of power.