Amplifiers and Dynaudio C2 signatures

Anyone experienced with a pass lab x350.5? Krell e series, Mcintosh,Mark Levinson ? Please let me know, Thank you
Moon amps mate very well with Dynaudio. I  listened to a C-4 driven by a Moon 600i in a huge room and it was very impressive, the entire room was immersed in great sound. 
What about a solid state amp? If I go integrated I have to buy a whole new set up. 
No affiliation with the seller, but there's a Coda 15.5 on Audiogon right now. That amp--if you are seeking serious clarity, a just-right touch of warmth, and the ability to drive lower-impedance loads with ease--is tough to beat, IMO. If I didn't already have their S12.5 and pretty easy-to-drive speakers, I'd be all over it.

Coda makes tremendous stuff, IMHO, and it's priced very fairly for the sonics on tap.
I would suspect the Moon amps will be as good or better than the IA since the PA/Amp will be separated. The IA is no slouch by any means, but you would need to stay in the same line, of amps, to get a fair comparison. Moon’s Evolution series amps are among the best (thats subjective)

I ment to say the 600i, had no problem driving the C-4, regardless of volume levels everything was clean and detailed. 

Not to create any additional confusion but Modwright amps are also worth consideration and audition if possible.