Amplifiers and cables for Tannoy Prestige Series

I´ve just bought a pair of Tannoy Edinburgh HE loudspeakers with the ST200 Supertweeter and I need amplifiers and cables recomendation.
Up to the moment I use Classe 15 amplifier and Audioquest Volcano cables, but i think that there are better combinations.
Many people recomend tube amplifiers, Pass Aleph or McIntosh solid state, and Acoustic Zen speaker cables.
Anybody has experience with this speakers ?
I'd recommend Mcintosh too. I have the tubed components, but the SS would be good too. I've also happily used Pass Aleph amps and Blue Circle components. I have the D500s which are not as good as but similar to the Prestige series.
I own a different level of Tannoy speakers and after many cable comparisons, Dimarzio Super M-Path has become the cable of choice. They are easily the most musical sounding with my Tannoys.
I own Turnberry HE's without the super tweeter. I've tried solid state and tubes. For my music choices, mostly classical, I prefer solid state. I like these speakers with Naim, Lfd, McIntosh and Karan. Tubes are great especially vocals; but I felt too much bass slam was lost with tubes. I tried two different tube amps, Audio Valve Assistant, 20 watts per channel, and Canary 608 with Border Patrol power supply, 4o watts per channel. Perhaps very expensive tubes would do the trick. There's no denying the magic of the midrange with tubes. Good luck