Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?

Just wondering, with this audio merry-go-round of buying and selling, if anyone has an amp that will be a keeper for life. I haven't yet but came verrrry close once...

Check out teh various IcePower or other Class D amps like Wyred and their ilk on this site. You can get all the bang you need in an amp at a very attractive price without having to deal with the hassle and expense of large energy sucking monster amps!
Here is my humble idea for a keeper amp, ready for this? Ead 8300 amp by Noble electronics. Greg and Tom are two of the best engineers of high end electronics that I have had the opportunity to meet. I have owned a lot of high end amps, My latest were hand built in Denmark, they listed at $24000.00 per pair. I had three pair. Why, my speakers use eight channels of power. I use Magico reference speakers. The sound of the Noble electronic defies all that I have experienced with musicality, air, timbrel accuracy, pace, spacial placement of performers, bass, mid's treble it has it all, and after 35 years of high end as an audiophile, I know a little about this craft. I am in shock and awe of it's performance. Now I wonder about these prices and hype of many high end companies.To Greg and Tom, you deserve a first class salute, for integrity, honesty, and fairness. I have had what some would call it all, this amp takes the top cookie. I must say that I had most of my parts upgraded in my amp, cost a little but is it worth it. Call them and talk to them about getting one for yourself. This is my experience, in my system and to and for my ears. I am not telling anybody to do anything, understand, this is my personal opinion and experience. I am not open to dicussion, just a heads up no rudeness intended. I am sure that Nobles electronics will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Cheer's Ezra
An old-fashioned guy like me is VERY partial to Bill Johnson's early designs. If you can get one of his Peploe Industries mono blocks, don't let go of them.

And, I am, and have been since the 70's a great fan of his D-series amps. Yea, I know some of the Levinson's are considered better. But his D-series were very satisfying to listen to.
I have a pair of the original Quad II amps that have on/off switches and RCA inputs. They can be used with amy preamp and will always be in my possession. Had them now for 12 years.
Parasound Halo A51. Great specs, plenty of power, and very well built. Good looking too! And most importantly, WAF. So yeah, it's gonna be a keeper for life.....Cheers....RT