Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?

Just wondering, with this audio merry-go-round of buying and selling, if anyone has an amp that will be a keeper for life. I haven't yet but came verrrry close once...

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Jonathan(Jcbtubes), I have missed you and Bruce around these parts more than words could ever express. Please post more. And, how is our very good friend?
Russ, I guess I forgot to tell you when we got together last week that those JA80s were supposed to be kept until I was of the age where I could afford them...
Thanks for the offer, Russ!

Yes, possibly. If I ever sell the amp, and I have only thought about it once, another set of tubes might be something that would protect the buyer farther into the future. Even though the amp can use most tubes, Jadis seems to think the KT90 is the best tube for their amps.

I do have a quad of KT90s in reserve, which I was kind of thinking that I would save for posterity. My tubes are getting to the point where I have been looking around for replacements. After about 4 hours or so of playing, I sometimes notice a bit of distortion coming from the right channel at times. I just chalked it up that I am probably getting close to needing tubes.

Actually, I know you will understand when I say this after we found out that we are kindred spirits sonically, and both go for a rich, lush sound, I was thinking the next tubes I should give a go in the JOR would be the JJ EL34. I have a pair of more powerful amps upstairs - my "consolation" for not getting your JA80s(Granites, and they are much better than I could have even dreamed), with JJ KT88, and the sound is great, so I was wondering if I should take the Jadis is a different direction.

My only worry with the EL34 is their ability to drive the speakers, but I will probably end up with a big pair of Frieds down in that system, and they are surprisingly EASY to drive, but you never know.
The Bedini is a honey of an amp, Ecclectique. I auditioned one in the late 80s, and while the sound was a lot better than the NAD 2600A, I chose the latter because I was young and stupid. Now, I am just stupid. I was overly concerned with the wattage ratings(though the Bedini runs Class A, which you pointed out), the NAD didn't need a preamp, and the fact that the Bedini was used, and the NAD was new.

I am forever haunted by how good the Bedini sounded that day.

You are lucky to have one. In the spirit of this thread, it is truly a keeper for life.
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