Amplifier Voltage and Step Down Transformer

I have a vacuum tube amplifier which rated at 120 volt. I am currently using it at a location which is 240 volt. Thus, I am using a step down transformer with the amplifier. However, the output of the step down transformer is 110 volt. I wonder, what is the effect on the amplifier and on the sound quality?
Anyone? Should I get another step down transformer with output of 120 volt?
It won't matter too much if the amp is 120v and the transformer is 110v.
If it were the other way around then it would matter, as the heaters could go over voltage and the caps also, if they were run close to their voltage max.

As for the rating (watts or amps) of your step down transformer, it should be twice that of what your amp is so it is comfortable.

Cheers George
Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear that the 110v is fine with the amp. The watts of the transformer is several times more than the amp requirement. So that is ok too.