Amplifier Upgrade advice ?

I'm using Nakamichi PA-1 (5x100w) with Parasound avc-2500 and Monitor Audio silver 8i's. Thinking about replacing the amp, what are my options if the budget is $2K ~ $2.5K ?
Another option is to do some mods on Nak by John Hillig of Musical Concepts ?
Any advice ?

Sell the Nak.

Take a look at the Odyssey Stratos amps and their reviews at You can order a pair of mono blocks for $2k. They are powerful and very fast amps. And they are rated far above many so-called 'hi-fi' big name amps. Not to mention the 30 day money back satisfaction guaranteed and the 20 year warranty.

Peter Moncrief of International Audio Review rated this amp Class 1B in the solid state category. There was only one other in Class 1B and only one in Class 1A (the best). I've owned three of the 20 or so amps that he reviewed back in 1998-99 and he was right on the money with those three amps. I came this close ---><--- to buying the Stratos until I found a used Class 1A amp.

I personally never listened to the amp, but I know a few that do own them. You should not find any negative feedback from anyone owning this amp.

Pick up a Sunfire Cinema Grand via A-gon and then have Hillig modify it. Upgrading the power supply by adding increased capacitance and tinkering with how the output section feeds the various binding posts shouldn't cost much at all and would make very noticeable differences. Depending on what you want to spend, there is always room to move beyond this point. This would give you easily twice the power of the Nak, far greater efficiency, less heat to dissipate and a unit that should beat the pants off of just about anything near the price once it is modified. Sean
depends on what you're trying to accomplish by upgrading the amp...give more details. I don't know how much experience you have with upgrading, but sonic magic does not necessarily occur following the outlay of $$...
Thanks guys for all the replies. Right now I don't have space to have more than one amp, someday I'll buy a stereo amp just for music. But I've to live with a 5 ch amp for now which will serve as HT and at the same time better than the Nak for 2 ch music.
I've talked with the owner of Odyssey some times back but no space to consider tht now.
I'll look into Sunfire and give Hillig a call.
Also, what do you think about Anthem MCA-5 Series II ?
I think by what I have gatherd this will be the Amp to beat in the near future!

Much is said about Class A Amps,but I do not believe most people need the Giant World Class Amps unless they have $$ to blow,the space to put them in or find a great deal on them.

ML,Threshold,Krell,Electrocompanient(?),Manley,VTL and the list goes on!

Best advice I give anyone looking at amps is to ask the Manf. what amps they use or the places that carry the speaker's.What is the best setup they have heard work best.Synergy betwween Amp & speaker's is the most important factor in your system!Get it wrong and you'll suffer!Happend to me with Maggies and HK amps!