Amplifier trouble shooting BC-2 Blue Circle

I have a pair of BC-2, which I tried to drive a passive pair of subwoofers. Because I did not know how to bi amp, I simply added plugged it from a preamp out...and while I felt some rumbles, it really did not do much since it shut down. The lights in the front are still on, I can still hear some minimal music...but when I opened it, I realized that two of the fuses were shot in each, I replaced them both, but I did not replace the third pair. Still, the amp refused to run, therefore, I am wondering I should I do, I am against sending it to Canada for factory work and yet, I do not want to trust this sort of equipment to a regular tech.....What happened to the amp? Is there an extensive repaired that will be involved? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Don't be afraid to ask Blue Circle even if you don't want to send it in. Contact Angela at
Sugarbrie is right on the money - get in touch with Blue Circle. The customer service is exceptional.
From personal experience, Blue Circle customer service (Gilbert or Angela) is first rate. I shipped my BC-21 to Blue Circle for upgrades (external power supply, upgraded caps, Shallco vol. attenuator) via FedEx Ground - no problems whatsoever. Communication was excellent.
Call or email Blue Circle. They are the best at servicing and voicing their product.