Amplifier to go with a Mcintosh c2300

I got a c2300 unopened for three months which i would like to keep if i can find a suitable amplifier to go with it.

Who has experienced with this preamp and which amplifier do you match it with? If I want to go outside Mcintosh, what experiences do you have?

A budget of $5k would be my max for the amplifier.

Should i just trade this in and get the mc7000 integrated? i am contemplating this path too.

Or what should I look for?
If you want to spend 5K or less I would find a used MC402 or MC352 ussually selling for 4K or 3K respectively. I have heard this pre with the 402 and it sounded great.
I would get a MC402 in a heart beat. An incredible combo.

I think you should send the 2300 to me.
If you like SS go with a MC402 like mentioned.

If you prefer tubes, a s/h MC2102 and then save for another to monoblock
What speakers do you own?
No Brainer.
McIntosh MC402 is the perfect match for the C2300. The MC252 is smaller version of the MC402.

The MC352 was released several years earlier and is not the same design technology verse the MC402 & MC252
Actually the 402 is just a bigger version of the 352 per Tech support at McIntosh. The only differnces are the LED lighting, metal connectors and 50 watts. The 252 does utilize the dual differential/double balanced circuitry of the 352/402 respectively. McIntosh gave the dual differntial a new name when they came out with the 402.
Without that circuitry the 352/402 willhave a quieter noise floor than the 252. This has all been told to me by Mcintosh Tech support when I was trading my 352 in on the 402. I wanted the LED lighting and got a deal I couldn't pass up.