Amplifier to drive my Jm Lab Diva Utopia be

My goal Music and HT

I have the Proceed AVP2+ 6 channel, a pre/pro
and the Jm Lab Diva utopia be speakers

Which one of the following amplifiers will have better synergy with the above pre/pro and the speakers?

Conrad Johnson MF 5600
Bryston 9BSST
Proceed AMP5
Arcam FMJ P7

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I have YBA Passion 600 pre and power amplifiers. They are very detailed and musical.
You probably have your amp already but I will put in my 2 cents anyway. I would go with the CJ or the Proceed AMP5. First choice would be the Proceed thou if you are speaking synergy seeing as you have the Proceed pre/pro. I have a new set of Diva's myself and love them. I am coming from a late model run of the Mini Utopia. I am running a Pass X350.5 and Pass X-1 pre and it is fantastic. Your system sounds steller and I wish you luck in your search if you have not already completeed it. Although you can't go wrong with a Bryston either. Tough choic!

Thanks for your "late" response which I appreciate.

You are right the synergy is there. I got the Proceed AMP5 and later on I got the Proceed HPA2.
I used them obviously for my 2 channel music and my HT.

I am looking for CD Transport.

I have a Panasonic Blue Ray which I use for listening music
but I do not know what will be the difference in sound quality between the Panasonic Blue Ray and a good transport.
My AVP2=6 channel has a superb DAC.
Sorry for getting back late again. A good transport/player is pretty much always going to be better just due to the fact that in a transport ther isn't all the circutry for video so there is only circutry for audio. Keep in mind that in a dvd player one big thing is the power supply is supplying power to all the video circutry as well as the audio and thus robbing the audio side of things. There will always be a trade off. With a good transport you will get better focus, transarency, soundstage, immaging and so on and the difference probably won't be subtle. I have a Panasonic dvd-H1000D DVD player which in my opinion has one of the best 2channel sound out of any dvd based player I have heard. It is older but still a great player I am selling yet. It does outstanding video as well. A 40lb beast! Now, I have an Esoteric x-03 audio player that is obviously better and a dac and transport rig of an EAD DSP 7000 Series III and the matching EAD cd-1000 that I am using as a transport and it sounds worlds better than the dvd player, even with the dvd player acting as a transport only. There is just too much swiching and reading going on the dvd player. Make yourself happy and go for the transport! You won't regret it. It is all in the design. Even an inexpensive transport will be fine. The Proceed has amazing dac's in it, you will be amazed at the difference. Depending on your budget I would look into any of the older Theta transports or players like the Pearl or the Miles and EAD transport or player or the Wadia 301 or 302. Alluse the Pioneer stable platter which is one of the transports still today aside from the obvious Teac/Esoteric Accuphase stuff. Actually, if you can find a Teac Transport only, that would be a fantastic way to go but I am a fan of all the mentiond transports. How do you like your Diva's? I love mine. I am also glad you went with the Amp5. Awsome piece! That would have been my first choice as well. I don't check this forum much but you can email me a response at ([email protected]) or ([email protected]).Have a great one, seems we have the taste in sound!