Amplifier to drive Carver Platinum Mk IV's???

I'm now a diehard ribbon fan and am currently using a pair of Carver Silver 7t monoblocs. I'm curious to see what amplifiers other Carver speaker owners are using.
Thanks for replies!
they will seriously stress a VTL 450 signature even clipping it if played really really loud

I had a set of platinums, but added an outboard
crossover to seperate the ribbons from the bass

I used a B&K sonata (250w per side) for the ribbons and
1 each Carver 1.5t´s for each of the bass sides.
This provides plenty of volume in a medium room.
The system is still working fine at my brothers house
(I have visitation rights, of course...)
I'm currently driving my Platinum Mk II's with Antique Sound Labs' Hurricanes. I can get plenty of volume with these tube amps. The ultimate would be Balanced Audio Tech's VK150SE's or Carver's Silver 7's, but I think they are overkill for the speakers. I have used Carver's 7t's and 4.0 amps. I used a smaller VTL for the while and that's when I moved to tubes. Good luck.
I drive my Platinum iv's with an Adcom 5800, directly driven by Wadia 6 CD player. Plenty of power for a large room. The Adcom has a damping factor over 1000, which I consider helpful with those 8 12" woofers! I also can biamp using Carver's modification kit. In this case, I let the Adcom drive the woofers of both speakers and use a Classe Audio 25 to drive the ribbons. The Wadia has double output so one amp is fed from bal output and the other from unbal.
This connection works fine but it's less efficient overall, and you have to reduce the gain of the more efficient Adcom.
Hope this, late as it is, helps. Jim in Asheville