Amplifier /system synergy

Hi all,

 I am looking to upgrade amps from class D AVM 3.2's to class A either SS or tube.the AVM's are decent amps but I'm looking for better system synergy overall.

My last amps were Manley Neo -Classic 250's and they were really great except I began to have issues with them and didn't have time to continually repair them. Soundstage, midrange was awesome with those amps; I really enjoyed them.

I really want the tube sound if I can get it, so obviously I am looking at tube amps although there are some great SS amps like Nelson Pass designs that are of interest. 

My my other components now are Ayon Cd2s, Manley Steelhead, Genesis G5.3 speakers, AVM amps and Genesis Absolute Fidelity cables, power, speaker, interconnects.

Currently I am looking at Cary FE 211 amps, Pass XA-100.5. 

Looking for for suggestions on what amps would work well with my system and open to suggestions if you have experience with these or know of other great match ups. Thanks!

Checkout Quicksilver Audio. 
Terry London, Review of Magnus Audio (division of Canary Audio)
If I did not already own the superlative Pass Labs XA-60.8 Mono Blocks I could see myself seriously considering buying the MA-400 to power one of my systems.
I went from tubes to the Magnus MA-200. Very satisfied.