Amplifier suggestions please

Hi - I'm reworking a 2 channel system, had some very basic components and now trying to step up a bit.  DAC is currently a Schiit Yggy, I'm on the waiting list for a Freya+ which means I'll be running balanced connections.  Speakers are Philharmonic Audio 3's.  I was using a pair of Emotiva XPA-1L monoblocks (differential/balanced) but want to upgrade.  I could stay in the Schiit catalog and go with a pair of Vidar's but although there are no real bad reviews I feel like they don't quite get raved about like the Yggy does (and the Freya+ to some extent).  I'd like to stay around $2K, definitely under $3K and I prefer new (I've had my fill with trying used).  I know its asking a lot to find a pair of balanced monoblocks in this range so I'm not opposed to a stereo amp (XLR inputs).  I could also be talked into canceling my Freya+ order and switching to a preamp from the amp builder if there is better synergy in that pairing.  I've looked an Van Alstine and Odyssey, what else should I be looking at?

parasound a21+.  end of story.  
anthem audio 225 is under $2k safe and sound audio 
a excellent amplifier made i Canada not China !!
Get a Benchmark Media AHB2 amp and have no regrets. I have two as mono blocks that replaced a PS Audio amp and the improvement was astonishing.
If you go with the parasound, I have a 12.5a slo blo synergistic blue fuse For the mains if you are interested
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