Amplifier suggestions for Von Schweikert VR4 JR

I'd love some input and suggestions for amplifiers for
I've seen them at shows powered by a 15K Tube integrated.
Is anyone getting tube like warmth and dimensionality from
a solid state amp system?
Musical tastes.....everyting. Rock, Jazz, Vocals, Classical.
With rock you will need power. But power with Warmth and demension. Rogue 120's will be a great choice, Vac 70/70, canary ca-339, I have a rogue Zeus available to you that would really drive those fine. Solid state maybe mccormack,or a rowland. I have the vr-8 upgraded to something larger by Albert.
From everything I've read and heard these work well with many different amps. I'm using a BAT VK-300x 6922 version with mine. It has a nice balance from top to bottom with excellent bass control. The early 70's Amperex from Holland are the icing on the cake. This combo needs a front end with better than average resolution in my opinion. Good luck with your search.
Jim, thank you for the oppurtunity to suggest the Moscode 401hr a tube hybrid. At $5k it is in the price range with your speaker. They have made appearences at shows to together. It is quite a marriage.
I'd suggest you checkout one of the Ice H2O digital amps from designer Henry Ho. (There's a nice review of them at and numerous posts both here on Audiogon and on the Appogee Users Forum on They're only marketed directly over the internet at They're phenominally well built, reasonably priced and, at least to my ears, provide amazing sonic performance. I've compared them with several highly respected and much higher priced pieces and in the end, made the decision to buy them myself. He also has a new companion preamp. called the Fire that perfectly matchs his amplifiers. I have the Von Schweikert V4 HSE speakers and I recommend them highly. BTW-Henry has a demo. policy and is very easy to work with. I wouldn't pass up giving them a listen. I'll bet you'll be as pleasantly surprized, as I've been. Good luck in your search.
I use a BAT VK-200 to power my VR4 JR's and am very happy with the sound. I use a tubed pre-amp (VK-3i).
I drive VR-4JR's with BAT-75SE and with Thetareadnaught II before that. BAT is a better match in my system.
I am very pleased with my Bel Canto M300s driving my VR-4 JRs. Talk to Wally at Underwood Hi Fi about these. The S300 is slightly cheaper, all in one box. Great detail, non-fatiguing, and wonderful mid-range.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
Has anyone bi-amped the JR's with tubes for the mid-tweets and solid state for the bass?

Has anyone switched from transistors to tubes and vise-versa? What did you observe in the switch?
Thanks again.
I'm really liking my BAT VK75SE.


I think that as important as the amp pick is, so are the wires you use with it... and their set up. I use a BAT vk5i, and vk500 w/BP and the sound now, is the best I've ever had. A couple more odds and ends, and I'll be looking to do the bi amp deal. BTW I asked the question of biamping worth in another thread, and the info in it is incredible. pros & cons.. have a look at that. I am inclined to go with either BAT or VAC when I biamp the top with tubes. though I might well end up with something else entirely.

I think the vk500 w/bp is a really great amp. Especially if you're thinking of going all tubes. It's warm, quick, and possesses significant control on the JR's. Personally, were I to go with but one amp other than the 500, I'd look into getting something with 500 wpc... like maybe a McIntosh 602, or perhaps some upscale item from either PASS or KRELL... LIKE THEIR 600'S.. maybe even a pair of Krell 350's. Though I am not a fan of Krell these days. it's just athat they have enormous dynamics, if you like that sort of thing. I even thought about the CJ 350 as a suitable replacement for the 500 but stopped short figuring I'd need to swap out the pre too. As long as you veer away from an aggressive amp with the JR's, you'll be fine. Good luck.