Amplifier suggestions for EE Minimax/Soliloquy 6.3

Hi everyone!

I have been lurking here for awhile, but this is my first post. I am looking for a good amplifier to pair with my Soliloquy 6.3 speakers and Eastern Electric Minimax, as well as a Consonance Reference CD 2.2. I have about $1000 to spend, new or used. I listen to jazz and orchestra, and am looking for something fairly musical, and with good detail and seperation.

Here are some options that have crossed my mind:

McCormack DNA-125 (used)
Musical Fidelity A3.2 CR (new/demo)
Musical Fidelity A300 cr (used)
PS Audio HCA-2 (used)

The Minimax is a tubed preamp, but is fairly detailed. The Soliloquy's are a pretty neutral, efficient speaker at 89db/8ohms, so I don't need gobs of power. My room is 16x13. I used to power these with an old C-J MF-2100, but it is having trouble, and I will probably just get it fixed and sell it-there are better options available these days, it seems.

Any thoughts on my choices? Any others to recommend at this price point? The PS Audio seems like a well-regarded piece, but I always see them for sale, which makes me wonder. I haven't heard the MF stuff, but it is well-regarded, and well built. I did hear a McCormack in my system, and it was very nice-perhaps not as detailed as a CODA piece I had borrowed from a friend, but at less than 1/2 of the price, I wasn't expecting miracles. Thanks for your suggestions!

Look into something from the Odyssey line. I believe a new Khartago(110w) is in the $750 range and there's a used Stratos Extreme(150w) for sale right now for $1100. Do a search for Odyssey.
I have a Sugden Amplifier with my Soliloquy 5.3s. Works quite well it seems to me.

As a 3 month old demo, it cost 1000 even with the phono stage.