Amplifier suggestions for Aerial 7b speakers?

What amplifiers would you recommend pairing with the Aerial Acoustics 7b speakers? Due to their lower sensitivity (86 dB) and nominal impedance (6 ohms), these speakers could probably use more than 250W/ch from an amp. I am planning to use the 7bs for 50% music and 50% home theater. I was thinking of the McIntosh MC402 as a good pairing. Any other suggestions of amps to consider? Any opinions on the MC402?

I have a pair of Aerial 7b's. I'm using a Conrad Johnson mf2500a amp, which is a two channel amp at 250 watts per channel. It does sound good, but I wish that I had a bit more power. A couple dealers that I've talked to reccomended about 350 watts to drive Aerial 7b's well. Since you may need a three or five channel amp for home theater, that complicates things, narrowing your choices. As to brands, Classe' and Conrad Johnson work well with Aerials. A dealer that I know also reccomended Parasound Halo monoblocks as a good match. I hope this helps. Stan
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I am driving my with a Coda Continum 200 watt amp. They make the same amp under the Legacy brand. Works fine. Great amp for the price. I got mine used for $750. The BEST match I have heard is the Meridian 557.
I've listened to them a number of times in a store that stocks Theta products. They seem to have a good synergy connected to the Dreadnaught II (which I think is 225 wpc?) or the Citadel monoblocks. I also heard them powered by the Parasound JC1 monoblocks (600w each?), which sounded dull and flat (it might have been the room). I dunno about McIntosh.
Sorry to slightly disagree with Teikinas, but I think that the Meridian 559, at 300 wpc, might be a better choice to drive the Aerials. The 557 amp is 200 wpc. I just looked it up on the net. Stereo Exchange- New York City carries Meridian. On thier web site the Meridian 559 amp is discribed as able to "continuously drive loads down to 1 ohm and the capability of output current bursts exceeding 150 amps". It sounds like the 559 has the power that you're looking for. I have a Meridian 508.24 cd player that I'm quite happy with. I like the sound of Meridian with my Aerial 7b's. Just a thought. I've never heard any of Meridian's amps though. Stan
Yes, I agree with Talon4. IF given the choice I would prefer the Meridian 559 over the 557. It is just more $$$.
I own Aerial 7s (the original models); the best I heard on them were (in no particular order):

Jeff Rowland (I believe Model 10s)
BAT VK-60s (I know only 60Ws but man, it was nice!)
McCormack DNA-0.5 and DNA-1 (my choice for bang per buck)

I currently run an Aragon 4004 Mk II which doubles down to 400W @ 4ohms, so I have plenty of power (which I don't use much of anymore since moving into my prison cell, uh... I mean listening room).

I would prefer an amp with a little more finesse than what I use, but it does a nice job.

I found that with Aerials it ain't just wattage, but it's the current dump (you want a battleship power supply).

Happy Listening!