Amplifier suggestions

I am using Sony DVP-S7700 as Transport to Theta Casa Nova to Aerial 7B. I would like some suggestions in the $3000.00, (used), range for amplifier. My room is 15'X30'X9' ceilings and I listen to Jazz, Blues and Rock at high volume levels. The Aerial's need an amp with good bass control and high power output. Thanks in advance.
Try picking up a used pair of Clayton M-70's. They go for a little over $3k. Check out the reviews and the owner reviews. Good luck
I have gone through many different kind of amps to drive my speakers. Finally decided to go with the Aragon power amps. Because of it sound and price. You might be able to get a little bit better sound with a more expensive amp but for anything under $10,000.00 Retail I got got to say Aragon take my heart away. I am using the Aragon 8008BB and maybe someday soon I could upgrade to the Palladium II Class A Mono A Amplifier. My Components: Sony Wega 32XBR200 Meridian 561 Sony DVP 7000 Aragon 8008BB Aragon 8008x3 Martin Logan SL3 Martin Cimena Energy RVSS Cable up with Synergistic Reserach Power Protected by PS Audio 600 and MIT Z-ISO, Z-Strip, and Z-Stablizer. If need more info or suggestion for my system please let me know. I am a very open minded person and always willing to try new things.
Aragon....great choice. Might be hard to find for $3000, but the Krell KAV500 is awesome also. But if you really want the BEST choice, especially if you are doubling the system with hometheater, the Cinepro 3K6II. TREMENDOUS power, control, and accuracy. Only downfall is its looks
as a aerial owner (10-t's) i can recommend the krell fpb-200 like the poster above. my room is 14x25x8 and it more than does the job. you will get the bass control you seek and slam. of course only if you get it used or a great deal.
i agree on the aragon i use the 8008bb and the 8008x3.they drive hales rev which are very demanding load as are the ml they dip to about 3 ohms.the bass is great they replaced kinergetics kba75 class a and wonderkull sound but ran out of steam.the aragons gave me the power but more importantly i did not loose the magic sound on the highs.some amp will be strong but no finess.give them a test you won't regret it.
The 7B speakers were recommended to me as a great match for my Classe amp, maybe try some of Classe's monoblocks or a pair of 201's bi-amping or bridged.
I have the 10t's which require alot of current I was prepared to spend much more but a friend brought over a pair of meitner 101 mono blocks. This system with a tube preamp has unbelievable synergy. You find these around $1,000-$1,500 range. They stage and image more like a tube amp. If you like the sound of krell amplifiers(I dont) then ignore this post.
I'm with Nhorton. Classe is a great brand, and i would suggest that you audition the most powerfull one you can possibly afford. I heard the 300 on a pair of Hales, and the sound was amazing.
Try a McCormack DNA-1 and send it back to Steve McCormack for serious upgrade. If you get a good price on the amp, you will even have some change left for additional discs.
Goose89---I'm suprised nobody has brought up your choice of transport.A 1200 player whose primary function is for dvd??? I have Pioneer Elite 09;I also have Theata Data 3.for cd playback---Not even close. I'll let the other guys make the amp suggestions.
I am using Aragon amplifiers. My dealer has many amps but choses to drive B&W 801 with an Aragon 6008. I think they are excellent amplifiers. No problem with the bass. To my ears, Krell amplifiers are slightly more refined than Aragon, but at a sificant increase in price. A new 8008 will cost you around 2200.00 unbalanced and 2700.00 balanced. There is a five channel version for 4000.00 and are 3 channel for 2700.00 unbalanced adn about 3100 balanced. YOu will have no problem with the bass response. High are sweet and extended. Also they can be had used for sometimes half of the new retail prices depending upon age. The amps are built like tanks by for Aragon by a company that is in fact a military contractor.
I meant my dealer drives the B&Ws with an 8008. Also the power output into 4 ohms which I think your speakers is 400watts a channel. Your Aerials will be no problem.
EAD powermaster 2000 can be had used for a little over your stated price. Effortless, musical, with tight, deep bass. Can handle 1 ohm loads with ease. Provides 400 watts into 8 ohms x five channels with all channels driven. With dynamic energy steering (using a single 3 horsepower toroidal transformer) can be used as a stereo amp with resultant potential for 1000 watts per channel into 8 ohms! Beautiful cosmetics are icing on the cake.
If you can find the McIntosh MC275 original and you'll never need to change to another amp again. The KT88 tubes will kick some serious bass and it is also most suitable for your type of music.