Amplifier stand for a Pass X250.8?

The title says it all. Looking for suggestions. Not interested in anything that costs pretty much what a used Civic costs.

thanks in advance all! 

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Nice amp.

What's the rest of your system?
A maple butcher block 2" - 3" thick with your choice of footers would be the simplest and cheapest solution.  If you need to elevate off the floor more than that. I would go with gshepardbutser's recommendation of Timbernation. 

Using Pass 350.8 with Symposium amp stand for great sound not wood that can warp with heat!!
I would consider this $900 stand from Adona Corporation, offered here at Audiogon. I believe that your amp could be positioned along either of its two dimensions (19 and 24 inches), although if you positioned the front of the amp along the 24 inch dimension the handles at the rear of the amp would project a couple of inches or so beyond the stand.

I use a smaller Adona stand under my phono stage. The design, craftsmanship, and beautiful appearance of their products amazes me. For further info, here is a link to their website page on this particular stand:

Good luck. Regards,
-- Al

Core Audio Designs, isolation amp stand. 2" solid wood shelf with pre-loaded dampening materials (lead, clay, and silica).  I am using a pair for my Modwright KWA150SE mono-blocks to a great effect.

Arnold Marr (CEO/Owner) is great to deal with and provides outstanding customer service.

Thanks! for sharing- lalitik.
I agree with almarg,
I own a different (lesser expensive) Adona amp stand that has worked very well for me in different applications.