Amplifier Stand

Can someone recommend a good looking amplifier stand?
I like my Zoethicus units but they are expensive
I like the looks of the all black Sanus amp stands sold by Audio Advisor ( Besides looking good-- in an understated way, they will support up to 200 lb. amps, and cost only $90.. Cheers. Craig
Zoethicus and Mondo Designs, the Mondo is similar to Zoethicus in looks but cost less.
Mikec Do you have a web site for Mondo? Thanks in advance.
Swallace i just went into my favorites to get the website address for Mondo and have found that the company has closed shop as of the end of 2000. Its a shame because they made beautiful racks that looked the same as Zoethicus racks. I was going to have them custom make me a rack and amp stand. Wow what a shame.
if you are primarily interested in aesthetics, try pARTicular .they have some gorgeous stuff. billy baggs also showed a new custom amp stand at ces 2001 that is both striking and sonically dead--kinda like a zoethecus on steroids.
Look under stands and racks, it has links to sites to get some ideas. We have LOVAN SOVEREIGN SERIES for our amps and really like them.
So far I like the Lovan (which to me looks a lot like the Zoethicus) and a Salamander. The pic isnt very good online but it looks great. This has been a great help. Many Thanks
Can someone recommend a good amplifier stand if what I am after is sound quality ?
I have Silent Running Audio Amp stands for my Mono Blocks, I like them quite abit. They where made special for my Aleph 2's can't remeber price?
If you like salamanderdesigns, but want something with a little flash try this. I made a custom salamander stand out of T6061 sheet aluminum, black threaded rod, black jam nuts and black washers. It looks amazing and everyone who has ever seen it makes an offer(it's NOT forsale though heheheh)
Seeing as aluminum is fairly strong and kind of light it works well, I chose to use 1/4" aluminum and have well over a 1000lbs. on it (I am not sure what that is in metric, sorry) it weighs about 280lbs empty and after two years has NO visible wear. Just a suggegstion good luck and choose carefully.
Polycrstal Amps stands
Snook2, is it true the Polycrystal shelves tend to sound neutral but a bit slow in pace and music lacks rhythm? I have not heard them but was put off by a comment from someone that has. I reckon almost all commercially made stands are made of too thin metal and that you need to use something like 3mm thick bright steel. Therefore, I tend to design my own and get a suitable company to make one up.
Check out the Sistrum Platforms from Star Sound (original Audio Points folks). It's a component stand, it's an amp stand or it's one of the newest talked about speaker stands. All I know is it works under anything with amazing results. Form truly follows function as this resonance control device works like a charm. Check them out at and phone them. Their people provide one heck of an education on resonance and sound, plus they will support you with reviews, pricing, etc.