Amplifier speaker match

Anyone have any ideas how a Jolida JD1000-RC tube amp would push a set of Thiel CS-6's? I'm considering purchasing a pair for a second system but don't want to drop the money if the amp won't play them right. I'm not a blasting listener, moderate plus volume is adequate. The JD1000 is 100wpc continuous output. Any thoughts?
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A quick Google shows the Thiel's to bottom out at 2.3 ohms. That might wreak havoc on the Jolida. Perhaps getting a pair of Zero Autoformers would be the way to go. 
I would love to hear the Thiel's. Being a Vandy guy, Thiel was one of the speakers that matched their sonic performance.
My only concern is that Thiel is out of business, currently, so repair would be difficult.
I am aware of that fact about Thiel. It's a shame. So far not having much luck in favor of the Thiel's with the Jolida. Kinda bumbed right about now
luvrockin as gdnbob says the autformers with that tube amp probably will help. Maybe Al can help out with that. But there is a Sumo Andromeda II amp looks like was just listed and it will probably be enough power and probably sound great on those speakers. I had the baby brother of that amp the Sumo Polaris and used it on my Thiels 1.2’s. It was a great combination This maybe also. The amp is 595.00. Probably about 25yrs old. But it is a pretty hefty stout amp. I still have mine from 1990. It may need some work in time but it is a nice entry point.
That Sumo was built by the late James Borgiorno, from GAS  (Great American Sound), Spread Spectrum, SAE and many others.  It should be a great Piece
Thanks for the suggestions. I just recently purchased the Jolida recently. I really don’t want to get rid of it so soon. I haven’t had a chance to really get familiar with it. Any suggestions on a comparable set of speakers as the Thiel CS-6’s that my Jolida amp will play ok? I would like the best sound possible in a second hand price range of about 2K. Thoughts?
I probably sound like a stuck record, but...
Vandersteen. A pair of 3a sigs is about $2K
I was just looking at the 
 Jolida website and see they offer upgrades. Why not call them with your question and see if they can modify the amp to work with low impedance speakers?
Thanks Bob, I may do that. I never listened to Vandersteens. I don’t who sells them locally in Chicago area. Is that 2k new or used? I’m wiling to spend 2k’ish in a used market figuring to get more bang for the buck. I spoke with my local guy. He pretty much talked me out of the Thiel’s even though he use to be a Thiel dealer. He said parts are no more. I asked him to look for something for me in a previously owned 2kish price range. What type of music are best for Vandersteens? I'm not at all a classical guy but am bigtime into jazz, vocals etc. I think maybe I’ll contact jolida in the AM. Thank you again

I would be remiss if i did not suggest a sweet pair of Thiel CS 2.4 speakers.
Keep us posted on your buying decision.

Happy Listening!
Yes, the Vandy 3a sigs go for $2K used(that's what I sold mine for), but they take up more room than the Thiel's due to the Sound Anchors(Which is why I went to the Treo's).
Both Vandy and Thiel based their speakers on Time and Phase alignment, so I would think they should share similar characteristics.- Which is why I'd like to hear a pair. I don't think I would be disappointed with the models designed by Mr. Thiel. He certainly garnered a loyal following.
Vandersteen speakers play music. It doesn't matter what you are listening to. I was hooked 30+ years ago when they first came out. I was glad to find they have prospered during my stereo-less days.
A quick look at Vandersteen's website shows a dealer near Milwaukee:

You could also go with a 1ci speaker and add some 2w subs, which would give you easier placement and probably as good sound reproduction. The Vandy subs are unlike any other sub.
John Rutan at audioconnection (his Agon name) gives great advice and can help you with making decisions. He has tons of experience with many different manufacturers.
Saturday Audio in Chicago sells used high end audio. I’ve dealt with them before, you might check and see if they have something in your price range to work with the Jolida. I’d think, without further research, that you’d have that problem with any thiel, except maybe the 1 series..
Is high integrity group and spot on with experience.

Don't underestimate what a New pair of the latest
2CE Sig IIs under 3 k with now available woven cone technology drivers out of the Vandy 5 series that driver and associated closer tolerances easily beat the older 3A Sigs without it.

Simple easy to check with a Flashlight look through the Grille if Midrange looks like a football skin you are in luck.