Amplifier skippings

I have an amplifier hooked up to a SurgeMaster hooked up to a normal electrical outlet. I've noticed that when I say turn on or off a light on the same circuit as the amplifier, it will skip about one second. Anything can trigger this skipping, even when my fridge goes in and out of cooling mode or turning on the electrical heater for the shower.

Anyone knows what's the explanation for this?
How many amps does the amp need? How many amps is the circuit? How many amps is your breaker box?

Ideally, you should have a dedicated circuit to your amp/system. If you turn off the breaker to the outlet for the amp, what else turns off? Get anything with a compressor, flourescent lights or television related off that circuit if possible.

The other option is a PS Audio power plant but that's not cheap...
Sounds like your Surgemaster (I actually am guessing what it is) is dying. I assume it is a surge supressor.
It is messed up. Replace it and you will be fine
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