Amplifier repair problem

I have a Metaxas Solitaire II amp that has a channel that's gone bad. A resistor on the board overheats after a few seconds of turning it on and will fry if left on. The problem is that the unit was professionally modified after the factory configuration so there is no schematic available of the changes. Most commercial repair places have no interest in looking at it when they find out its been modified. Anyone have any suggestions? I would really like to get this repaired. I sure wish I could find out who did the modifications.

This is a shot in the dark, but try the Audiowright shop. They are in Columbus OH. email is
Phone (614)267-5880.

I would call, and explain what you have rather than email if it was me. I have a list of repair shops all over the country, so I might have something closer to you. These guys do outstanding work, which is why I gave you this one. If you need more info, email me.

Good luck,

Shouldn't be too big a deal, considering the fact that you have an un-fried channel to take relevant measurements from-parts values, voltages etc.