Amplifier repair/modifications - New England area


I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for repair shop/person who can make some upgrades on tube gear and is located in the New England area. Hoping to bring the gear to them rather than shipping.

Thanks so much
Try Electronic Service Labs in Wethersfield, CT or Approved Audio in Bantam, CT.
There's a shop in East Hartford. I think it's called stereo doctor or something like that.
In House Repair Company, East Setauket, NY ask for Wayne.

Regards. John
Another option might be Bill Baker at Response Audio in
Endicott NY. He has done nice work on upgrading/revising
Antique Sound Labs amps, and had his own line of Bella
Extreme amplifiers. Knows his way around an electronics

Oh, and I can vouch for Approved Audio Services in Bantam
CT. He did a great job of aligning and tweaking my Tandberg
3001A tuner, which is a beast to work on. Much cheaper than
some alternatives I explored, too.
Third Approved Audio: made my 1970 Hitachi HMA 7500 MOSFET amp sound like new and totally refurbished a Accuphase T100 that UPS made a complete mess of......ask for Larry. They do superb work and stand behind it. Prices reasonable and very responsive and knowledgeable,
Cambridge Audio Lab in Boston

Fixed my Thorens td124.