Amplifier repair/mod/upgrade in Orange County California?

So my beloved Accustic Arts Power 1 integrated amp is acting strangely.  Sometimes I do not get any sound from it at all.  The only solution which only works some of the time is to shut it off.  I am hoping it is a simple fix (op amp maybe?).  While I am it, I was thinking I could get the repair person to upgrade some of the components like electrical plug, fuse, etc.  

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
I could look at it for you if you brought it by but I live in Victorville CA 92392.
Thank you for the reply.  Victorville is a bit  far for me to drive, though if I do not have any other options I will keep this in mind.  Thank you again.

I could take a look at it for you, but may be as far away as Victorville for you.  El Cajon CA 92020

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Thank you Peter.  Actually El Cajon is not too bad since I live in South Orange County.  Do you do modding as well???  I thought PBN Audio only made speakers???
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Thank you Steakster.  I contacted Vintage Audio.  They are right up the highway from me so if he is the real deal it is the ideal solution.  Thank you again!